Best Dresses Online Shopping in Singapore

If you ask a woman what her favourite hobby or past time is, one of the most common answers you might get is shopping.

Women love shopping!! It is a fact, and there is no doubt about it.

However, everything is changing during this pandemic. During the circuit breaker, we weren’t allowed to gather in the public, regulations must be followed, malls are closed and public places should be avoided. Shopping and roaming around in the aisles of your favourite stores, which used to be the favourite pastime, has become a faraway dream for many.

While circuit breaker is currently over, many have turned to online shopping instead. However, that is not a large concern as they were still able to buy the best dresses while online shopping.

But you might be thinking that online shopping is not the best option. There are a lot of things that must be considered before buying.

Well, here is the catch. TRT Concepts ensures secure check out when you are looking for a dress for online shopping. There are options of enjoying secure payments methods, we are offering free shipping on orders above SGD50, and above all, we have a vast collection of clothes and accessories for everyone.

Are you wondering what are we offering and what are products which we are currently carrying? Read on and explore what is in store for you.



Tops are an essential piece of clothing for every woman. You can wear them with jeans, a skirt, or tights on any occasions. Well, they are a perfect fit for every occasion. All you need to do is to buy an appropriate top for the event.

At TRT Concept, you will find all sorts of tops. From party wears to casual wears, we have a wide range of Blouses, Camisoles, Tees, and Knits. Just choose the right style and colour for your wardrobe.



If you are a working woman or a student, having one or two pair of pants is a must for your wardrobe. As they are comfortable to wear, you can quickly move around in them, and they can be a perfect fit for any occasion.

So, what are you waiting for? Explore our range of Pants, shorts & skirts, and Classic Jeans, and find something for every shape and size. From cotton twill belted shorts, linen flared culottes, ripped denim to pull up slim fit trousers, you will find everything at TRT Concepts.



Skirts are another essential must-have in a woman’s wardrobe. Varying from short skirts to long, full-length skirts, our selection of skirts come in many styles, textures, and prints.

If you are tall and lean, take a look at our Maxi and full-length skirts. Mini Skirts are best for petite bodies. If you are looking for something that shows your long and beautiful dress and is modest, go for Knee-length skirts. Midi skirts are something that fits everyone.

So, whatever your body size is, we have got something for you. Please have a look at our wide range of skirts collection.

One Piece Dress


One-piece dresses are simple and convenient options. If you are not a morning person and going through your closet to find the right pair of pants and top for the day seems to be a hectic task for you, or you simply don’t want to spend so much time on styling, a one-piece dress would be your best option.

One-piece dresses are feminine, smart, and convenient. You can wear them to show off your legs or wear them with sneakers for a casual look. Buy your favourite one-piece dress via our online shopping platform selecting from our range of mini, maxi, midi, knee-length and jumpsuits one-piece dresses.



Who says that outerwear is dull, and you don’t have many options when it comes to styling?

Well, coats and blazers are best for flaunting your style, and you will definitely turn some heads with our range of outerwear. Wear our classic denim jacket with a white top, black jeans, and white sneakers for a cool casual look.

Cotton jackets are perfect for summers. They will save you from rainy summer days and give you a cool and stylish look. So, what are you waiting for? Explore our range of outerwear and buy the one that suits best with your style.



No look would be completed without proper accessories. At TRT Concepts, we have a wide range of hats, scarves, and bags that will match your every look.

Choose a hat colour that matches your coat. Choose a bag that matches your footwear. After that, choose a scarf that compliments your overall look and goes well with your complexion.


TRT Concept is a leading women’s apparel store in Singapore and Malaysia. We have our stores located all over Singapore and Malaysia. We pledge to provide stylish yet classic products to our customers.

We take great pride in our efforts to decrease the carbon footprints of the fashion industry and produce a sustainable environment. We use recycled paper for our carrier bags. Also, we promote the reuse of our garments through upcycling.

Apart from using natural fabrics and fully utilizing the material during the design process, we are working towards producing and promoting new fabric that is spun from reconstituted yarns and is environment friendly in all ways.

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