Corporate Sustainability / Social Responsibility

In TRT, we understand that there has been a rise in global demand towards sustainability. We endeavour to align our priorities towards sustainable practices that encompass the aspects of design, production and operations.


Our in-house design team are taking small steps to adopt a circular approach to corporate sustainability, with an aim to reduce carbon footprint. Through the liaising with our factory suppliers and manufacturers, we strive to provide as much information to our customers as possible.


To achieve global climate goals while meeting growing demand within our market, we take pride in encouraging creative restyling and style upcycling through our strengths in visual merchandising. This aligns with our vision in promoting style longevity and flexibility, pushing slow fashion as a form of lifestyle through restyling.


TRT uses quality, recycled paper for our hangtags and carrier bags. We also encourage the upcycling of our garment bags through re-use.


Our in-house design team also take pride in curating and fully utilising our fabrics efficiently through our design processes.

Our range of quality, natural woven fabrics is functionally durable and comfortable to our body. Natural fabrics, unlike synthetics, are fully biodegradable and renewable. They can also be easily repurposed without harming the environment.

Apart from which, we are also working towards the process of sourcing new fabrics spun from reconstituted yarns, which are better for the environment.

We welcome everyone and would like to invite like-minded individuals to be part of The Restyle Trait circle. Let’s spread the word for a greater future! #TRTcircle