The Craze For Linen Clothing: Why Are These Tops So Trendy?

When it comes to fabrics that never go out of style, linen is definitely a top contender. This fabric has been ruling the global textile industry for thousands of years, bringing durability and comfort to people from all walks of life. Since time immemorial, linen has already been in use and in style, adapting with time and change.

Even today, linen remains one of the most popular and preferable fabrics for clothing. With this, you might be wondering — how did this ancient fabric manage to remain competitive against all the other modern textiles and clothing materials? The answer to this question lies in the outstanding benefits of wearing linen clothes. Read on to learn the major reasons why linen clothing is still so trendy even until today.

1. Breathable and highly absorbent

This is one of the main reasons why people love linen – the classic fabric is extremely breathable and highly absorbent, making it very comfortable to wear, especially when the temperature gets warm and humid. In fact, in Singapore, linen tops are quite popular because they help people beat the island’s endless summer heat.

Due to their molecular structure, linen clothes are also scientifically proven to be highly absorbent, absorbing up to 20% of their weight in moisture before any of this moisture gets resurfaced and exposed to the naked eye.

To put it simply, linen has the ability quickly wick any moisture away, so your clothes will not feel damp when touched and will not retain any unpleasant scent. This fabric also allows more airflow into your body, so you’ll feel much more comfortable when wearing a linen piece.

2. Durable and long-lasting

Linen is among the most durable natural fibres used in clothing textiles around the world. It is ranked second to silk and considered 30% more robust than cotton. The great durability of linen can be largely attributed to the strength of the flax fibres that are threaded inside the fabric. These flax fibres allow linen to endure the test of time.

If an ordinary piece of cotton clothing can last up to a maximum of 5 years, a linen piece can retain their quality for up to a decade. With proper care and washing, your linen clothing can even last up to 30 years or beyond your lifetime. For this reason, many people consider linen clothes a worthy investment because they help save costs from having to buy new clothes every now and then.

3. Fashionable and versatile

Fashionable and versatile

Aside from comfort and durability, stylishness and versatility are among the main offers of linen. Many fashion designers agree that linen is unmatched when it comes to versatility. This fabric can be easily tailored into various fashionable styles of clothing and can be made available in numerous different colours as it rapidly absorbs dyes due to its high absorption capacity.

Regardless of the occasion, a linen piece will help you achieve an effortless elegance, thanks to the fabric’s natural beauty and versatility. Even on an ordinary day, you can count on a linen top to make your outfit-of-the-day fashionable and outstanding.

4. Sustainable and eco-friendly

The increasing awareness of the adverse impact of climate change encourages more and more people to choose and purchase sustainable and eco-friendly products. This includes choosing the kinds of clothing that do not contribute to pollution and wastage.

If you want to become a part of the green movement and start reducing your carbon footprint, you should definitely consider purchasing linen clothing! After all, linen is one of the most sustainable and eco-friendly fabrics out there.

The entire process of making linen fabrics – from cultivating the flax plants to producing the finished linen products – requires less water and fertilisers. Hence, the production process of linen is considered a lot more environmentally friendly and cost-effective than the production of other fabrics such as cotton. In addition, linen clothes are entirely biodegradable. It usually only takes approximately 2 weeks for a linen piece to biodegrade in soil.


With their wide range of excellent benefits, it’s no wonder why linen clothes remain so prominent as a wardrobe choice for both men and women. Aside from ensuring comfort and durability, linen also brings stylishness, versatility, and sustainability to the table. Hence, if you’re planning to curate your closet to achieve the wardrobe of your dreams, you should consider going for linen, as it will surely prove to be a wonderful investment!

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