Recreate your scent, Redefine your style

The past three weeks had been eventful for us at TRT Concept, before we go into the rundown of the event, we thought we could take you back to when the idea of an in-store workshop was birthed.

As the gifting season is upon us, the creatives behind TRT Concept thought what a good idea would be to implement – an event that could foster conversations yet personified and enjoyable all at once. The idea revolves elevating a well coordinated outfit and to uplift the wearer’s confidence, what would be a better option to involve our sensory. Scents are the perfect coordinators as it play an essential role in our well-being.


All stars aligned and we had the opportunity to work together with Oo La Lab to make ideas come to life! Our in-house designers have worked very closely with the lovely folks behind Oo La Lab to perfect every aspect of the event – from packaging design and TRT Concept’s signature scent. Every detail is well thought after.

Our event was held at our Paya Lebar Quarter  outlet as well as JEM outlet, where we got to meet many fun-loving folks. The workshop was set out to deepen the understanding of scents and essential oils, how they can directly uplift mood and transform the atmosphere. Participants were given the option of Candle or Reed Diffuser Making, and we observed as they got experimental with modifiers that is wholly unique to them.

We are so thankful for the responses and the participants that are all part of this event, hope that we have created a space to unleash your creativity and to do something unusual. We look forward to seeing you at the next one!

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