9 Top Tips for Online Dresses and Gown Shopping

Whether you are looking for a trendy and stylish evening gown or a classic dress for formal events, finding what you need might depend a little on your luck. Chances are, you might find yourself spending hours and months searching for the perfect dress in shopping malls.

TRT Concept, however, has brought a drastic change in searching for the right dress for the occasion. Now you can explore all the trendy clothing stores online just by tapping on your phone screens. But, as it is said, all that glitters is not gold, so are the online shopping sites for women.  We would like to share some tips with you when you are searching for “The One”.

Here are nine essential tips to help you out in your search for the best dress or gown!


1. What do you need?

First things first, you need to figure out what are your likings and requirements for the dress. By searching online shopping sites for women, you will find all sorts of fabrics, styles, patterns, and silhouettes, and you might get confused between so many choices.

So, we suggest you should first examine your needs for the dress. What is the occasion? What color do you want? Which style would be appropriate for the event? From there you can start exploring the various online stores.

2. Know your size

Choosing the right size while online shopping can be a lot tricky as you cannot measure or try the dresses in person. Also, different brands have different sizes. While a shop’s ‘small’ size fits you perfectly, it does not mean that every store’s ‘small’ size would have the same perfect fit.

Therefore, our suggestion is to get yourself measured and save the measurements of your hips, chest, and waist in your phone for a quick reference. This would save you a lot of time and heartbreak for not fitting in the dress you ordered.

3. Choose trusted brands

The internet is full of scams, and so are the trendy clothing stores online. You might get tempted with the photoshop version of the picture at drastically lower prices, but do not be fooled and end buying something that not worth it.

Always select a reputed and trusted brand for the finest fabric and workmanship. If you really want to test a new brand, do not forget to check their online reviews. What better way of doing that can be than checking their social media pages?

4. Select and sift

A pro tip that might not be known by many is to add everything you like into the basket and then starting the editing work. Keep everything that matches your requirements and discard the others.

This way, you will be able to make the needed comparisons and buy the right dress that matches your style and requirements which falls perfectly within your budget.

5. Allocate budget

Speaking of budget, evening gowns and dresses are not something that you buy every now and then. These dresses are SPECIALLY made for SPECIAL OCCASIONS and who says special things are cheap.

So, it is always better to allocate a good and reasonable amount for the dress or gown and then hop onto your search for the special dress for the special occasion to save yourself from the misery of not having the money you need to buy the dress you love.

6. Thoroughly check the description

The description is where you will find each and everything you need to know about the dress. So, do not forget to read the description before clicking on the checkout button.

Check if the dress comes with the lining, or you will need to buy a lining separately. Check if they are offering different colors or any customization features. And do not forget to check the length of the dress. All these important questions are answered in the product description section. However, if you fail to find any information, do not hesitate to contact customer support. They will answer all your questions and clear all your doubts regarding the dress.

7. What is the shipping policy

Now that you know everything about the dress and you are sure which one is perfect for the occasion, it is time to read about the shipping policy. Some stores might even offer free delivery after you have hit a minimum spending.

So, always read the shipping policy before buying the dress. There might be some shipping charges or limitations. For instance, some stores only provide the same city free delivery services, and if you are residing in another city, you need to pay for shipping. Also, some stores provide free shipping when you meet an amount to qualify.

8. Check the Return and Exchange policy

Return and exchange policy is also something that you should not forget to read. You might like the dress in the pictures, but your opinion can change after the dress is delivered.

So, be wary of the return and exchange policy of the trendy clothing stores online. Some might have a limited days return policy; some might provide shopping vouchers and some might not allow you to return the products at all.

9. Do not forget to try the dress

Try the dress or gown as soon as you receive them. Check everything is up to the mark, the fitting, style, fabric, design, and pattern. Some online shopping sites for women have a 7 – 14 days return policy, and you will not be able to return the dress after that.

So, you might want to try on the dress as soon as you receive the shipment – to make sure it fits you perfectly!

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